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How to Plan a Funeral

A step-by-step guide to help you through the difficult, and often overwhelming process of planning a funeral for a loved one.

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When you lose a loved one, many of us struggle to think clearly, let alone know where to begin with all the tasks at hand. Our practical guides are here to gently support you with suggested steps on all aspects, from funerals to finances.


Funerals often evoke the image of mourners in black standing over a grave. Of course, deciding to honour your loved one this way is a beautiful tradition. But equally, if you want to opt for more of a celebration of life, plenty of possibilities are available to make your service personalised.

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Often families are unaware that there are many options when selecting a burial to honour your loved one. Traditional burials, above-ground burials, natural burials, and green burials are just a few options available. Find out more about why families select burials and the different types.

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Cremations have increased in popularity over the years, today accounting for 75% of all deaths in the UK. There are many ways to cremate a loved one, varying from the traditional approach to liquid cremation, green cremation, or direct cremation. Here we offer more information on your choices available to you.


Grief is complicated and often overwhelming. Whilst everyone will have a unique experience with their grief, it can be powerful to come together with other grievers who are also struggling. We have asked experts for their advice on coping and where to find support.